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“Good work in conducting the course in the most real-world and practical manner possible” – Participant from KWSP Berhad
“Friendly and willing to share knowledge” – Participant from AmBank Group
“Hands on and very relevant case studies” – Participant from AmBank Group
“Please come back again!” – Participant from AmBank Group
“A very experienced and knowledgeable trainer. Recommend as a trainer for other courses as well” – Participant from AmBank Group
“Courses are very applicable to my day to day work. Good examples of current issues related to the topic” – Participant from AmBank Group
“Great course. Despite the highly technical nature of the course, Kah Teck is able to simplify the issues by using examples” – Participant from AmBank Group
“The trainer was well-prepared and the training material was fantastic” – Participant from AmBank Group
“Good learning program and very methodical explanation” – Participant from AmBank Group
Participant from Nippon Paint Malaysia Sdn Bhd
“Very informative. Trainer explains concepts well and with clarity” – Participant from Nippon Paint Malaysia Sdn Bhd
“Everything shared by the trainer is very enlightening” – Participant from RHB Investment Bank
“Keep up the good work!” – Participant from RHB Investment Bank
“Very good market-related examples” – Participant from RHB Investment Bank

Corporate Valuation
19-20 October 2020


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